Our manager will contact you in the shortest possible time to provide high-quality advice.


The collection of furniture and decorative items collected on our site is the result of hard work, because among the variety of designs it is so difficult to choose something truly unique, of highest quality, created with soul.

Each item in your home should be a non-random and meaningful. That is why our task is to acquaint you with the best factories, with the work of designers and architects, who are nominees for the prestigious awards.

We are convinced that it is important for the customer to see the factory showroom with his own eyes, experience the atmosphere of the country of manufacture that is why we offer to combine the process of selecting furniture with an unforgettable journey.

Our goal is to tell you the history and unique vision of each factory-owner's family, because we, more than anyone else, know how crucial it is to trust anyone to design your dream home.


Unique Design Professionals with pleasure will respond to each of your questions, as well as consider your suggestions with regards to the operation of our site, if any occur. Email:


Once you have selected and added to the collection of products from the catalog, you will be contacted by our representative for further details of the order. In the nearest future you will receive an invoice from the factory for a fixed amount that you see on our website, without any extra charge. In addition, we are happy to arrange for you a trip to the factory showroom, where you will be welcomed, will be introduced the latest collection and will get to know the history of the factory.

We sincerely desire that every detail of your interior recalls warm memories of an exciting journey, a pleasant acquaintance, and the beginning of the history of your dream home.


Unique Design cooperates only with experienced companies who provide professional logistics services.
Within 1-2 weeks your goods will be delivered, and you will enjoy your unique collection.

Shipping cost will be calculated in each case, depending on the location of the factory and the final destination.